class luma.core.mixin.capabilities[source]

Bases: object

This class should be ‘mixed-in’ to any luma.core.device.device display implementation that should have “device-like” capabilities.

capabilities(width, height, rotate, mode='1')[source]

Assigns attributes such as width, height, size and bounding_box correctly oriented from the supplied parameters.

  • width (int) – The device width.
  • height (int) – The device height.
  • rotate (int) – An integer value of 0 (default), 1, 2 or 3 only, where 0 is no rotation, 1 is rotate 90° clockwise, 2 is 180° rotation and 3 represents 270° rotation.
  • mode (str) – The supported color model, one of "1", "RGB" or "RGBA" only.

Initializes the device memory with an empty (blank) image.


Should be overridden in sub-classed implementations.

Parameters:image (PIL.Image.Image) – An image to display.

Provides a preprocessing facility (which may be overridden) whereby the supplied image is rotated according to the device’s rotate capability. If this method is overridden, it is important to call the super method.

Parameters:image (PIL.Image.Image) – An image to pre-process.
Returns:A new processed image.
Return type:PIL.Image.Image